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Meet the Kickstarters’


Back in October 2020, Mybe Awards were one of the first approved companies to join the Kickstart Scheme. Giving us the opportunity to welcome some very talented, motivated young people to our team. Hear from some of our kickstarters’ about how beneficial the scheme is and what they have been up to! 


The Kickstart Scheme is helping young people at risk of long-term unemployment get into the job market by providing government funding for employers to create six-month job placements. 


Bethany was one of the first to join the team back in October 2020, she had recently graduated from university and had been applying for roles in marketing. Although she had some experience under her belt, she had not yet been successful in her job hunt.  

“A lot of the job roles I was looking at were requiring 2/3 years’ experience in marketing, even entry level roles! It was disheartening because I had worked so hard to get my degree, as well as doing a placement year. Luckily, the kickstart scheme was announced, I was so pleased to see a role in digital marketing at Mybe Awards. They have given me the opportunity to put what I have learned at university into practice, and gain practical experience using digital marketing tools. I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of my job placement offers.”      


Samantha joined the team in November 2020, she had recently graduated from university. With a degree in English literature, she was unsuccessful in finding jobs that were related to her degree.  

I originally applied to the digital marketing position as I was struggling to secure job roles that related more to my degree which is what I was originally hoping for. But it was so nice to know that Mybe Awards understood the situation completely and moulded the position I had applied for to fit me and my goals. I now am in a position where I am writing their blog posts, building up a portfolio of evidence of my work while also learning about how this is useful in the digital marketing world. They made me feel like my time at university wasn’t wasted after allwhile giving me room to learn more. I’m excited to see what else it will bring!”


Shanley joined the team in November 2020. She had little work experience, but an interest in photography and digital marketing.  

Before I joined the kickstart scheme I didn’t have a job and I wasn’t studying at college either so I really needed to find some work, I was constantly applying and looking for jobs but I kept getting turned down. Shortly after applying for jobs I heard about the kickstart scheme so I looked into it more. I was quite shocked because it sounded perfect and it was something that looked really interesting, they offered a range of things from photography to carpet and blind fitting. I applied for the kickstart scheme because I had seen a couple of things that I was interested in and I knew I would never get this experience again to apply for this type of work because I had very little experience, the hours were perfect and the days were to. So far, I am really enjoying it. I am doing things I never thought I would have the opportunity to do, it’s great I’m learning lots of new things. It has also helped me so much with my confidence, with not being in work before the kickstart scheme I lacked confidence in speaking to people but this has really helped me and if I ever need any help there is always someone to ask. 


James joined the team in December 2020. He is a recent graduate in computer science, and has a strong inclination towards creativity.  

“I found myself disappointed that any job that provided a hint of creative freedom required 3+ years of experience. Even with a portfolio showing my skills in use, I was unable to compete with others that had commercial experience. When I noticed the kickstart program had opportunities in technical and creative positions I jumped at the chance to get involved! Within the first week of starting, I was able to easily identify where my creative/technical skills could be useful, and they were embraced! Now I’m working with a team of people that are truly engaged with what they are doing and looking forward to the future!” 




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