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    Department for Work & Pensions (DWP)

    Mybe Awards are an approved provider of services for the DWP. We work to connect unemployed people, some with significant barriers, into the labour market. 

    As expected, we encountered multiple issues impeding customer advancement toward employment or learning. They included but not exclusively:

    1. A lack of readiness to progress needed addressing to prevent drop out
    2. Family relationships often promoted an emotional fragility barrier
    3. A noticeable impact of social influences – leading to substances use/dependence
    4. Benefits, debts, poverty, coercive control, often surfacing as financial issues.
    5. Personal issues – confidence, insecurity, isolation, intimidation, depression
    6. Multiple health conditions presenting as an impediment to employment
    7. Learning and skills deficits/problems
    8. Behavioural issues – stigma, criminal record, cultural issues
    9. Protected characteristics (cited in Equality Act 2010)
    10. A clear need to be customer-centred