About Us


  • Overarching responsibility for the organisations work, development and achievements sits with our Board of Directors and the chair (to be appointed).
  • The organisation has a Governance plan and methods for evaluating its effectiveness.
  • Day to day management of the organisation sits with the organisations management team led by CEO Lee Farrier.

Our Mission and Vision:

  • We champion the power of learner involvement, innovation, and digital technology to create a better every-day life for people less well served in learning and work.
  • We are an essential enabler and supporter for employers who are less able or informed to take advantage of increasing apprenticeships opportunities.
  • We help people lacking in confidence or motivation to progress to and in the workplace

Our Way of Thinking

We think and believe that we have a vital mission to support the many categories of underserved learners to level up the access to mainstream work opportunities.

We think and believe that every person should have the opportunity to progress and know the satisfaction of a job well done and take the steps that enable them to have a better future.

We think and believe in different approaches to developing skills enabling flexible, learner centered and engaging learning experiences leading to improved learning outcomes.

We think and believe that a more equal, inclusive vocational education system harnessing technology and learner support arrangements will be the foundation of a thriving economy.

We think and believe that supporting more personalised approaches to learning for work will be good for jobs providing more diversity and growth opportunities.

How we deliver

We are a small solution focused organisation striving to have a disproportionate impact on the vocational learning and jobs sector with an ambitious vision to disrupt the learning and jobs marketplace through both direct and alliance led approaches enabling it to become more inclusive and fairer for all.

We deliver our mission by:

  • Embracing the power of lifelong learning to change lives when applied in a facilitating way and its transformative potential for underserved learners and lower-level employees in vocational skills which are the foundations of a thriving economy.
  • Using mixed, proven methods embracing online, distance and face to face approaches providing personalised assessment and support for underserved learners, low level employees and their employers. We judge their success as a measure of our success, and the fuel for continuous improvement.
  • Knowing that the distance to the labour market through learning, individual complex circumstances and employer need does come with risk but we learn from everything we do to create something new or better or not previously thought of to maintain progress.
  • Operating in a modern way utilising novel technology as the most consistent levelling, engagement enabler we have not lost sight of the necessity for more personalised and tailored engagements with learners and employers across a wide spectrum of complex circumstances to make things work optimally.

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