About Us

Who we are

Mybe Awards are a social enterprise, passionate about building great training programmes to harness progression and performance aimed at improving people’s lives. We have over 10 years of innovation and experience in supporting people who need an alternative route to a more aspirational career. We are pioneers in programmes that transform mindsets and behaviour formed through experience into genuine expertise.

What we do

Avatar Learner Journey

Online self-assessment tool helping those unable to progress in mainstream learning achieve a brighter future.

Apprenticeship Training Provider

An approved main provider of apprenticeships in a wide range of areas.

Provider of services for the MOJ

We provide delivery of education, employment and training programmes to the value of £1M for the Ministry of Justice.

Provider of services for the DWP

We work with the Department for Work & Pensions to connect unemployed people, some with significant barriers, into the labour market.

Our achievements

  • Enabled progression for many people for whom mainstream education had failed to help them.
  • Connected significant numbers of prison leavers into employment or vocational learning.
  • Developed an alternative education model for Northern Ireland for young people outside of school, college or training.
  • Received European Commission recognition for empowering whole communities to transition to more aspirational circumstances.
  • Enabled refugees to become stakeholders in a new society.
  • Opened up new opportunities in health and family life where obesity related conditions or financial restraint are day-to-day obstacles.
  • Opened up opportunities to Armed Forces returners who experience resettlement difficulties.
  • Helped businesses struggling to survive to improve and thrive.