Photographic Assistant Apprenticeship

Level 3

Remote Learning

18 Months




Overview of the role

The primary role of a photographic assistant is carrying out skilled work in the photographic industry utilising common photographic knowledge and skills, working in indoor studios as well as outside locations using digital or film cameras; producing stills or video imagery for a wide range of uses, working in a commercial photo finishing business, high street minilab or in-house processing centre and processing and printing imagery from photographic films using non-digital equipment. 

New or existing employees

The apprenticeship is suitable for those looking to develop their skills, whether they are a new employee wanting to learn and progress, or existing employees looking to retrain or upskill within their industry.

Business benefits

  • Training tailored to your business needs
  • Reduced training costs 
  • Boost employee morale and productivity
  • Give you the competitive edge 
  • Improve profits 
  • Future-proof your business

Learner benefits

  • Free nationally recognised qualification
  • Earn whilst you learn
  • Alternative to university 
  • Gain practical and relevant experience
  • Fast-track to a career

Apprenticeship delivery

The apprenticeship will be delivered via a blended approach which will include workplace coaching and online bite-sized training with distanced support. This will include:

  • Development of the learner’s knowledge, skills, behaviours relevant to the job role
  • Level 2 functional skills where appropriate
  • End-point assessment preparation

This is when the individual will learn the skills, knowledge and behaviours which will support them for their end-point assessment. The apprentice will undertake a combination of activities, such as group and individual learning-based sessions, specialised mentoring, shadowing, bespoke resources and off-site visits in order to support their learning and development.

After 18 months teaching and learning, you, your training provider and the learner will review the learners journey and decide whether it is the right time for the on-programme assessment.

This is when the learner will need to demonstrate they have learned the required knowledge, skills and behaviours, through a scenario-based knowledge test, a competency-based interview, an evidence-based portfolio and a professional discussion relating to the evidence of competence and achievement in the apprentice role.

David and Joshua

David & Joshua - David Lawson Studios

David and Joshua Lawson will lead and advise on all of our photography related programs. They are award-winning professional photographers with their own distinctive style founded in 1984.

David Lawson Studios has been capturing life’s most special occasions for over 3 decades. The father-son duo operates one of the most sought-after professional photography studios in the UK, known for their talent, expertise, and fun-loving personality.

The duo has received an impressive number of worthy commendations, including recognition from the National Press, television studios, books, and leading companies in the industry such as Kodak, Fuji Film, and The Master Photographers Association. The pair have also won over 200 international prestigious awards and photographed famous people including members of the Royal Family and many celebrity’s including “Take That”, “Oasis”, “Rhianna”, “David Guetta”, and recently “Prue Leith” from The Great British Bake Off.

Our expertise runs vast over the decades covering the following: digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, image manipulation, studio lighting , outdoor off camera flash lighting, film, colour and black white printing, dark room techniques, film cameras including large format 2x2 Hasselblads cameras, owning our own processing lab and producing high end work for other photographers, having our own high street photography studio, business marketing, social media, website design, billboard design, new shop digital monitors and advertising and ran from any computer anywhere round the world.

For us, photography has been a significant part of our lives since 1984. Working in this field has allowed us to fully express our creativity, personalities, and artwork to provide people with photos that last a lifetime. Having always been fascinated by places, people, and cultures, photography is the perfect medium to capture and preserve the emotions of a second in time. We’re honored to share some of life’s most memorable moments with our amazing clients, many of whom have become great friends. Pictures perfectly capture our feelings, emotions, and thoughts, whoever we are partnering with David and Joshua Lawson guarantees a fascinating, refreshing, memorable experience.

Warmest regards David and Joshua Lawson A.M.P.A.