Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring in a Criminal Justice Setting

Have you began turning your life around, or possibly recovered from or in recovery from significant personal circumstances that held you back from before or during a prison or probation sentence?

MYBE Awards offer a unique, person centred, Level 2 – 6 Credit Certificate in peer mentoring in a criminal justice setting. This is for peers interested to support others who experience difficulties associated with offending that limits their and their family’s lives. This qualification is also a progression route to a higher level award in intervention and guidance.

The purpose of the qualification is to provide learners with specific knowledge, engagement and helping skills to work effectively with:

  • Peer’s wanting to recover from the impact of offending or a prison sentence,
  • Peers under achieving in their present circumstances;
  • Peers arriving in prison or probation to access entitlements and avoid pitfalls

Mentoring may aim to support individuals’ handle family separation, the stresses and pressures that are in abundance in a custodial/supervisory setting including violence, intimidation, use of substances, long periods of confinement, managing money, dealing with bullying, or addressing offending behaviour.

The Peer Mentoring Course in a Criminal Justice Setting is available online, free of charge. 

Limited spaces available! 


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