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Thinking of doing an apprenticeship in team leading or customer service? Hear from two of our apprentices who are already in the full swing of things.

Team Leader / Supervisor Apprenticeship 

Nicole started her Level 3 Team leader / supervisor apprenticeship in November 2020, a few months in she said:

“What inspired me to do it was the work- based learning, as well as the potential development opportunities I may get from the apprenticeship. It is a transferrable range of knowledge, skills and behaviours, and if I ever leave here, I can take my learning and experience somewhere else.

I’ve been a team leader before in previous jobs but when I moved over to somewhere else, I’ve had to start over which I’m not fussed about but with this I might be able to go straight into the role which is better than starting from the bottom again.

I’m quite a nerd, I like homework and stuff like that, so as soon as it was suggested to me by my manager, I wanted to start straight away. I enjoy learning on the job like this. My first assignment was about different leadership styles, it was really interesting because it’s good to see why and how managers handle different people and do things in different ways. There are different ways of managing to achieve outcomes which was interesting to learn about.

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship. There isn’t anything I would change about my experience so far but I am looking forward to what is to come.”

Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship 

Megan also started the Level 3 customer service specialist apprenticeship in November 2020, she said:

“I have done a level 2 apprenticeship before in the same thing. It’s good to do alongside work for extra qualifications because I’m looking to do an access course in criminology in September so it means it’ll help me get a job after uni.

Even though we haven’t been doing the apprenticeship very long, I’m enjoying it a lot.

The work we’ve been set so far is just thinking about the job role and how your job affects the customer.

The work environment is definitely more helpful than a traditional classroom because you’re learning on the job and I think I learn better when I’m doing it rather than just typing it up.

We have tasks we are set, giving us extra knowledge of what we’re going to be tested on.

I would definitely recommend it because you can do it alongside your job and get paid as well as doing the apprenticeship.”


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