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Mybe Awards: Who we are and what we do


As a niche vocational learning and development company, Mybe Awards believe in facilitating everyone no matter their background or circumstances, inspiring them to not only realise their potential, but to reach their aspirations.

We want our learners to feel educated, encouraged and above all empowered.

Mybe Awards are a social enterprise, working with under-represented groups in education, employment and training. Not only is there strong passion behind our workforce, there is also experience. Due to our delivery of accredited programmes in prisons and with ex-offenders in the community, we are now specialists in self-assessment, incorporating lived experience into our information, advice and guidance, as well as our peer mentoring development frameworks. With over 10 years under our belts, our staff have undoubtedly developed their skills in these areas, resulting in a track record of achievements. Through our UFI impact project we hope to engage with learners within a niche demographic and help them advance, utilising scenario-based learning through our custom-made avatars. As an approved learning provider with OCN London, all our programmes are certified and we aim to deliver these in the best way possible. We understand that we may expect to encounter certain barriers to learning that can make it difficult for people to progress, but we are there to help change their mindset to a ‘can do’ attitude; with an enthusiasm to a more aspirational quality of life.

This is just the start of our company’s aims. In July 2020, we became an approved provider of apprenticeships, covering 9 occupational sectors with aims to considerably expand this into others. As a vocational route to employment, these are currently offered alongside our constitutional member company who operates on a national scale, allowing for a multi-occupational work environment. We hope to reach other work environments to aid in our aspirations of helping apprentices realise their potential to become talented, driven employees; to show them their true value to employers no matter their base skill set.

What’s more, as one of the first approved Kickstart delivery companies, we were able to take on 30 participants in order to help them work toward long-term employment. By giving them transferrable skills and experience, we can help young people gain confidence in the workplace.

During these unforgiving times of COVID-19, a fall in employment is certainly expected, creating development gaps to some. But we don’t want this to affect the confidence of our learners. We feel that this is a time of utmost importance in adapting in order to enable the continuation of people’s progression in all sectors of life. By integrating our programmes into digital methods of delivery, providing learning materials online and remote support frameworks, we are able to make learning as safe and engaging as ever.

Mybe Awards
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